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Safety - Brakes
Brakes are an often overlooked upgrade when spending big dollars on other parts. Well the time to replace the brakes is also the perfect time to upgrade them to handle the extra weight load of those bigger tires. We make it easy by doing all of the research needed in order for you to get the most bang for your buck.

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Safety - Brakes - Calipers
Remanufactured and Upgraded Calipers available if you feel a caliper is locked up on one side, or you just got a new set of wheels and want to showoff your nice new powdercoated calipers.
Safety - Brakes - Fluid
Please check the brake lines of your truck especially if you bought it used and there was a lift kit already installed on it. Here are some upgraded lines and fluids that will help with brake fade and pedal feel.
Safety - Brakes - Lines
Safety - Brakes - Rotors & Pads
Start here when first deciding to improve or replace your brakes. Most of the time if your brakes are under 60,000 miles and there hasn't been too much mudding, you can just simply replace your...More Details »
Safety - Brakes - Upgrade Packages
It is no secret Jeeps absolutely lose the safety of stopping distance when larger tires are installed. These packages will dramatically improve stopping power. Therefore, these packages will help...More Details »