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Axle & Drivetrain
The Manly Man section was created with the things most people never even heard of but everybody needs at some point of their Jeep ownership. From Gussets and Sleeve Kits, Skids and Trusses, to 1350 U-Joints and 1 Tons we have the parts next level Jeepers get to enjoy.

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Axle & Drivetrain - Assurance Kit
Every Jeep on the road with a stock front axle running anything bigger than a 33 you should have at least this kit to prolong its life. If your plan is to upgrade when you break it,...More Details »
Axle & Drivetrain - Driveshaft
The good news is JKs dont need Slip Yoke Eliminators.
Axle & Drivetrain - Gearing
You need gears. If you have been driving around with 3.73s or worse yet on 3.21s on 35s+ without gearing you are missing out. This modification makes a major driveability difference and better mpg.
Axle & Drivetrain - Replacement
You broke it and need something quick, I understand.
Axle & Drivetrain - Track Bar Braces
The most under rated mod out there. Fact: Jeep Factory track bar mounts were not engineered for anything bigger than the factory 32" Rubicon tire. When you add 80 lbs on average to each corner of...More Details »
Axle & Drivetrain - Trusses
Want ultimate axle protection and strength?
Axle & Drivetrain - Upgrade to 1 tons
With todays JKs getting bigger, heavier and providing more horsepower to spin 37s + a 1 Ton Swap is undeniable. Luckily, we have made it as easy possible to put a giant axle not meant for the...More Details »

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Description: Ten Factory, owned by Motive offers these 10 yr warranty axles at an affordable price.
Item #: MOTMG22156
Condition: New
Price: $439.00
Sale: $400.00
Save: 9%
Save: $39.00

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