Destination 4x4 - Suspension

Whether you are trying to clear a bigger tire for wheeling or not, this is where you need to be. This is the most important drivability part of your build. There are clear choices between the right and wrong way to lift your vehicle. We have made those choices easier for you by only carrying the reputable products. The parts in here will either have a Lifetime Warranty or at least the American Backed Warranty.

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Suspension - Lift Kit Bundles
2" Puck to 6" Long Arm Coilovers all in one spot.
Suspension - Shocks
There are less than a handful of high quality companies making excellent products. These are the shocks we can stand behind with amazing product support. Bolt on Performance from an afternoon on...More Details »
Suspension - Disconnects
If you want 30% better articulation on the trails or rocks, you need to disconnect the sway bar temporarily.
Suspension - Bump Stops
Bumpstops: Make sure you don't stretch those lines or rub those fenders!
Suspension - Control Arms
The factory control arms were designed to last 100,000 miles while providing minimum flex but increased ride quality. If your ride has gotten worse recently there is a good chance your control arm...More Details »
Suspension - Steering Revisited
At a certain point your truck is going to need more strength to steer those giant tires at the end of the axles. When you need upgraded steering gear, you get a PSC or a Red Neck Ram kit.
Suspension - Sway Bars
Sway bars give the driver increased traction by balancing and distributing the weight and traction over all four tires.