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Extra Light
Our Most Popular Category. Luckily, we have done all of the leg work and research for you. We created a page catering to a variety of multiple budgets and expectations for lighting.

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Extra Light - Comparison Page
LED Vs HID Vs Halogen, Heise Torture Test
Extra Light - Bars, Cubes and Spot/Flood
Sometimes choosing a lightbar is harder than installing it. Staying current in the lighting lifestyle is a major part of our business. These brands stand behind their product, so we can too.
Extra Light - Head & Tail Lights
There is an overwhelming amount of lights out there. We have put together a selection of the most effective and affordable lights out there that we can stand behind with the American Backed Warranty.
Extra Light - LEDs Misc
LED Strips, ROCK Lights, and stuff that just does not fit in the other categories.
Extra Light - Mounts
With so many lights out there you need a way to mount them. We have accumulated the most popular mounts and put them all in one place. Some are included in our packages.
Extra Light - Switch Panel & Wires
For the DIYER, make sure you stop by here to finish up your install.