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Performance & Power
Opinions. If you have ever read anything online you know what we are talking about. These are our proven opinions on what works.

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Performance & Power - Boost
We are focusing on a Supercharger Kit, or a Turbo Kit here. Both have benefits that will seriously increase your smile when you hit the go pedal.
Performance & Power - Easy Packages
We have created stages to make it easy to get a lot, or a little, out of your Rig.
Performance & Power - Intake & Exhaust
To make more power and to get better gas mileage on your vehicle you must let the engine breathe better.
Performance & Power - Swap It
We are specializing in 3.8L Swaps. If your 07-11 JK is starting to show signs of weakness you are absolutely in the right place. While we want to dabble in a few 4BT swaps in older vehicles as well, our main focus is on the JK.
Performance & Power - Tuning
Need a Tire Size Tuner or a fully custom mapped Diablo Tuner? You came to the perfect spot.