Learn Something!

       We all stared somewhere, spend some time on these websites provided and you will be speaking Jeep in no time!


 • Some Dealerships Lying about Voiding Warranty with Aftermarket Parts  Unfortunately lots of dealers telling wrong information.  Will Installing Aftermarket Parts Void My Warranty?


• New to Jeeping? This little article will get you up to speed quickly!   Ten things to know about Jeeping


• Want to know more about how your wheels will look on your vehicle?  Moto-Metal has a great Wheel on your Jeep or Truck Configurator along with XD Wheels


• What gear ratio should I get?  Gears are one of the most difficult to calculate correctly because of different Transmissions,Transfercase,and Tire size. This Calculator combines all of the popular setups with more than enough information. 

The Grimm Reeper has an excellentCalculator


• Concered with Death Wobble?  Four Wheeler Network is an amazing resource with thousands of articles, this one touches on Death Wobble, brakes and steering. "Jeep Gone Wrong"



• Have questions about your specific vehicle?  General Model Information https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeep_Wrangler


• Questions about oil?  Any oil related questions are answered here in great detail https://www.amsoil.com/frequent.aspx


• Seriously thinking that you may need a 1 ton swap? Solid article here from 4 Wheeler Network on a Dana 60 Build.


• Do you want to know more about the Jeep Model Letter Designations? Jeep Jedi knows all about them.


• What are the IP ratings for lights?  I am definitely showing nerd here, but those IP ratings for Lights explained here.                   Source Tech 411explains it here.


• Brake Questions? Yes, stock JK brakes are rather terrible 4 Wheeler Network goes more into more detail here.


• Interested in an LS ready to roll to swap?   "Billa Vista" has an insane amount of information on this, along with numerous other topics including "Suspension Link Construction".


• Do you want to know what all of the numbers mean on a tire? 4 Wheel Network has this, "What Tire Numbers Mean".


• Want to know more abour Off-Roading?  A wealth of actual Off-Roading information OffRoaders.com has driving tips as well as "Recovery Strap - Proper Usage".


• Does the interior of your vehicle smell musty?  Great article here on the Cabin filter change from "Toxic Crush"